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Day school programs


Dance, Gymnastics, Karate, Music classes, and Sports

Dance Arts offers Dance, and Gymnastics classes at many day schools, private schools, and recreation centers
in the Houston area year round for all skill levels. Annual recital is provided in June.

Call 832-830-5987 for a location near you and sign up today!


Kicks 4 Kids SM

Mind - Body - Movement
a martial arts preparedness program at your day school
For boys & girls, all students are welcome!

Our students participate and benefit from a martial arts syllabus based on
Capoeira (“kupra”). Capoeira is an art form that involves movements from martial arts , games, and dance

It was created in Brazil. Capoeira is marked by deft, tricky movements often played on the ground or completely inverted.
It also has a strong acrobatic component in some versions and is always played with authentic music


Tiny Tunes SM

Music Appreciation Classes

 At Tiny Tunes we specialize in teaching music to children in a fun, positive, non-pressured and lively setting.
In this emotionally comfortable environment, children have the freedom to love and appreciate music, while developing fundamental musical skills that will last a lifetime


Team Tots Sports SM

The Team Tots Sports Program is a series of fitness and sports tutorials for children ages 3-6, which meet once a week your day school.
Your child will participate in activities that incorporate sports, movement, and agility! A different sport or activi
ty will be taught, including soccer, bowling, basketball, and volleyball.
The sessions also teach children the important concepts of teamwork, sharing, respect and most important kid fitness for little ones.
Come join in all the fun!


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