Alice in Wonderland comes to the City of Enchantment
The Facts May 12, 2004

Lewis Carroll's dreamy tale about a young girl caught in a strange and bewildering world which comes to life through dance. Festival Ballet along with the Academy of Ballet & Dance Arts presents “Alice in Wonderland”, May 22, 4:00 p.m. at the Brazoswood High School Theater.

The ballet contains all the familiar Lewis Carroll characters including the dominating Queen of Hearts, the wacky Mad Hatter, the sleepy Dormouse, and the wild March Hare, just to name a few. The journey to Wonderland and back is filled with delight, surprise, and anticipation.
Carroll originally conceived "Alice" as a gift of tales for a beloved girl. The White Rabbit, Cheshire Cat, and The Red Queen, confound, tantalize, and terrify Alice, a plucky visitor from polite Victorian society.  Festival Ballet’s adaptation relies on strong characterizations, unconventional staging, and inventive costumes to plunge the audience into Carroll's topsy-turvy dream world.
 “The beautiful sets, and the wonderful music of Schtakovish, make this a very special treat for children, and adults, too, states Artistic Director Deborah Rayburn, ““We have chosen a very audience friendly one act version for the staging of this ballet making it enjoyable for children of any age and a visual delight as well”.
Area Dancers Make Alice in Wonderland Special

This production is very special, as it will include talented young dancers from the Academy of Ballet & Dance Arts in Lake Jackson who have roles in Festival Ballet’s production. The opportunity to perform is thrilling for the young dancers and an experience they will treasure. Many of the soloist’s roles will be brought to life by area dancers. Opportunities to dance can only be made possible by volunteer efforts and support of parents from the school and company as well as support from area businesses.
Ticket Information
Affordable ticket prices and excellent seats assure a memorable experience for the entire family. Tickets may be purchased in person at Prescott’s Dance Wear, 252 Plantation Drive, Lake Jackson or Charged by phone at 979-292-0117.