" I thought I would share something with you.  We were all in the car on our way home from errands today when we heard sirens.  We were close to the intersection where we normally turn for ballet.  The children heard them and thought that there was a fire somewhere and Laura said: “I hope it is not my ballet place, THAT IS MY FAVORITE PLACE! “  WAHOO! Go Ms Debi!!!! We miss you and look forward to seeing you next week! " - M. Baugh

" I love the fact that she learned and grew into a dancer, my gratitude goes out to you" - N. Flores

 "Thank you again for the encouragement about bringing Tori to the tryout today. She LOVED it. She was so excited about being with the big ballerinas and practicing as a little mouse. All we heard on the way home was how much fun it was and how she now wanted to be a mouse.
Thank you for all you do with these kids. There excitement is evidence of good teaching and we appreciate your love for dance and the kiddos. Also, I hope things have been going well for you. You and your family will continue to be in our prayers. Thanks again" - H. Houpt

"Devon is enjoying the Tuesday 5pm class. Thank you for making her feel so welcome"- J. Sieving

I'm so proud of her...Thank you Ms. Debi you've molded my little girl into a beautiful ballerina!! - A. Johnstone

"Debi and Mr. Mike are the best!!!!" - K.A. Rotramel

"Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher!!! You are truly needed in this community!" - A. Stockton

"The show was wonderful! We were just so proud of Gabby! All of the time and hard work put into the production was obvious. Congratulations and thank you!" - H. Zuma

"The Nutcracker was great!!! I am so proud of my daughter.
Thanks to Ms. Debi" - C. Portillo

"Thanks for making my Reagan a beautiful Sugar Plum!" - T. Lynch

"Thank you for all YOU do! In the past 4 months since Kathryne has been with you, we have seen a tremendous improvement in her dancing. She has always said she wants to be a dancer when she grows up, but we really didn't think she had the skills. We still don't know if she does or not, but we are so pleased with where she is going. She absolutely loves to dance. Lately, we can't get her to stop. Our family was so impressed with the improvement she has made with you. They were also impressed by the entire production.
Thank you again for everything! We appreciate you providing such a outstanding atmosphere for your students to learn the art of dance. And by the way, we want to compliment the girls who dance for you. Besides being wonderful dancers, they are probably some of the nicest girls we have been around. They have never made Kathryne feel inferior. They have taken her under their wings and made her a part of the company. We are looking forward to a great weekend!
Thanks" - B. & C. Scarborough

" I was privileged to attend along with my family the Saturday performance of The Nutcracker at Lone Star College.    What an awesome surprise.  I have seen this ballet numerous times in numerous venues including the Wortham Theatre.   What an incredible cast of artists....they were all so professional and even with the small problems that arose, just went right on and performed with all the gusto and grandeur as if they had been doing this for many, many years.   I particularly enjoyed the Rat King and his mighty army....what a delightful treat to see this troop of tiny mice roaring like lions while fighting the opposing army. I do believe that there were many dancers that may well have a great career in their futures, so to them, keep up the good work. My thanks to the entire ensemble for a great evening" - L. Richey

“Thank you for the wonderful experience of being a part of the Nutcracker production for S... and myself!  It was sheer joy for me to watch her dance in so many different parts and with such growth in her ability to dance on point.  Your academy is filled with skilled and beautiful dancers” – Jeanne S

Ms. Debi,
I just wanted to tell you how beautiful the recital was this weekend. I was so proud to say that Kayleigh was a part of the production. I can't wait to see what next year brings....B. L. Johnson


What you have done for Victoria I cannot express in words.  Thank you.  She has blossomed and is so graceful and when she dances I cannot believe it is the same child.  Thank you for teaching her and becoming a part of our family.  I don't have a sister but I would consider Debi as one. You both are wonderful people.  Thank you for the opportunities to dance and be a part of the dancing. I have enjoyed every minute of it.  God bless you both and thank you for blessing me……. A. J.


Aaralyn wants to come dance with you.  She tried cheerleading.  Those people had no idea what they were doing!!!  Saturday she tried out a hip-hop dance class because she thought she wanted to do that.  Now that she's seen how other things work, she realizes how good she had it!  As soon as she got out of that class on Saturday, she finally asked me to call you!....Tara P.


I can only imagine how hard it is to do your job! and your AWESOME at it! we love you and your school! ....Lindsey L.


Debi!!! You are soooo sweet to e-mail me and brighten my day with your kind words!! It is an honor for ME to be on stage with YOU!!! I have said this from day one, but I am so happy that we found such an experienced, dedicated, and caring ballet instructor like you! I am honored to help with this wonderful production and beyond! I too, thought yesterday went AWESOME and the kids are truly learning SOOOO much and getting better and better each lesson. Gabby was singing the clown song from the Nutcracker on our way home Wednesday evening....very cute!!.......Alexis S.


 We all enjoyed the performance, especially this year Victoria being Clara. We had 60 guest from all over Texas.  I personally hope she continues through her career in life.  Victoria has developed poise, posture, grace and self confidence, even though she  had confidence.  If I had known I would had sent all her flowers to her on stage at the end. Thank you Ms Debbie for the tremendous work that you both do for your students (children).  GREAT PERFORMANCE!!! Merry Christmas, Thank you.....Lucy E.

I wanted to let you know that Zoey loves your class. She talks about how nice you are as well. So thank you for that too.....Sarah T.

"Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher! I love to watch her dance around our house as she tells me that Ms. Debi taught her this and that she loves the class. Makes my heart smile......" Thanks, Sendi












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